čtvrtek 4. dubna 2019

Crater Asteroid Evolution

Evolution of a Crater Asteroid beaded bead 

Few months ago I was fascinated by a huge complicated bugle bead structure 
named Crater Moon by Gwen Fisher. Gwen encouraged other beaders to bead it, so I have tried... 
It was a challenge, but it was a pure pleasure <3

Crater Asteroid was my second piece (size comparison with Crater Moon).

From that time, I am bugle bead fanatic ;-) - using them more and more...


Crater Asteroid with bugle beads.

Hi-Tech Beaded bead was developed from the Crater Asteroid structure.

Another version was created later by including two sizes of Swarovski Rivoli stones to the holes.

I would like to thank Gwen Fisher (Bead Infinitum) and Susanne Goldstine again for creating Crater Moon. This big beaded bead made of bugle beads was my inspiration for creating another shapes.

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