pátek 5. dubna 2024

ROISIN Beaded Bead

 Roisin Beaded Bead

ROISIN is a name of Irish origin meaning "little rose".

Beaded bead designed September 2023 for Rutkovsky Beads.

It is huge, with diameter almost 7 cm it is my biggest beaded bead.

MIGNON Beaded Bead

 🌸🌸🌸 Mignon Beaded Bead 🌸🌸🌸

Mignon - neboli Miňonka :)
Mignon is a girl's name of French origin meaning "delicate, dainty".
An older design - beaded bead was designed May 2022 for Rutkovsky Beads and Preciosa Ornela.

Lily petal, pinch bead and round pressed beads and fire polished - by Rutkovsky Beads  
+ seed beads by TOHO and Preciosa Ornela

The same design with Terra Intense pressed beads and seed beads by Preciosa Ornela.


Beaded Bead diameter is about 3,7 mm.

MARGARET Beaded Bead


beaded bead designed March 2024

Designed with Czech two hole ZoliDuo beads, two hole Crescent + other pressed and seed beads.

Beaded bead diameter is about 5 cm.

středa 6. března 2024



Evanthe name is derived from the Greek name εὐανθής or Euanthes, 

meaning “blooming” or “flowery,” 

and the name of the mother of the Charites in Greek mythology.


 Beaded on my ring SBF beading frames 

with Forget-Me-Not, Tulip Bud, Melon and Round beads by Rutkovsky Beads

 Accompanied by Preciosa Twin, Solo or Matubo Superduo.


Something what reminds me sprigs of heather? :) - Lavender is in the process...

Bjork Wreath SBF

 BJORK Wreath

Björk or Bjork name is Islandic origin and means birch tree.

Beaded on my ring SBF beading frames with Birch leaves by Rutkovsky Beads.

 Accompanied by other pressed beads by Rutkovsky.

With Cherry Flowers and round beads.


With Mini Tulips and Melon beads

With Tulips and Beech leaves


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