úterý 18. prosince 2018

středa 3. října 2018

Anubis Necklace

Based on older Anubis Beaded Bead design 
with two hole Matubo Rulla and Superduo Beads.

* Superduo or pressed Twin --- in our Etsy Shop
* Rulla Beeads --- in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO or  Preciosa Seed Beads
* Matubo beads --- Matubo Beads in our Etsy Shop

Gwendoline Beaded Bead

Gwendoline is a Cornerless Cube made with 
CzechMates Crescent a Matubo Nib-Bit two hole beads. 
Designed October 2017 for Starman Inc.


* TOHO round Seed Beads
* Matubo beads sizes 7 and 8 - in our Etsy Shop
* Czech pressed Round Beads - in our Etsy Shop
* CzechMates Crescent - in our Etsy Shop 
* Matubo Nib-Bit - in our Etsy Shop

Gothic Archways Beaded Bead

 Designed for PRECIOSA ORNELA a.s. with new two hole Bow beads


* Preciosa BOW - in our Etsy Shop
* Mačkané kuličky - Round pressed beads  in our Etsy Shop
* Pohanka - Pinch Beads in our Etsy Shop
* Matubo beads size 8 - in our Etsy Shop
* Preciosa and TOHO seed beads


středa 15. srpna 2018

Bugle Bubbles

Bugle Bubbles beaded bead is icosidodecahedron beaded with Bugle beads and seed beads only.

* TOHO Bugle Beads
* TOHO Round Seed Beads size 11 and 15

Quite small piece, diameter is about 3,5 cm.

pondělí 13. srpna 2018

Tempestas Beaded Bead

Tempestas Beaded Bead is a cornerless cube with StormDuo two hole beads. 

Tempestas was a goddess of storms or sudden weather in ancient Roman religion 
(referring to the StormDuo beads used for this design).

* StormDuo two hole beads
* Matubo beads sizes 7 and 8 - in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO round Seed Beads

Beaded bead is quite small (for me :-) - one side is about 3 cm.

Tempestas with her big brother :-) - Clematis Beaded Bead

středa 8. srpna 2018

Hi-Tech Beaded Beads - jewelry

Jewelry created using Hi-Tech geometric Beaded Beads.
Both beaded beads are self supporting (hollow) and because of quite a large hole 
they can be used easily to create necklaces or pendants.

Hi-Tech Beaded Beads

Hi-Tech Geometric Beaded Beads with bugle beads and seed beads,
both self supporting (hollow).

Bigger Beaded Bead is a truncated cuboctahedron (started as rhombicubooctahedron),
based on Crater Asteroid design with Bugle Beads (embellished version).

 Two smaller beaded beads are truncated octahedrons (started from a small cube).


* TOHO Round Seed Beads
* TOHO Bugle Beads size 3 mm

Bigger is about 3 cm in diameter, smaller are about 2,3 cm.

pondělí 16. července 2018

Crater Asteroid with Bugle Beads

Meet Crater Asteroid made with Bugle beads and seed beads.
Crater Asteroid is a beaded truncated cuboctahedron (started as rhombicubooctahedron).
Many thanks to Gwen Fisher (Bead Infinitum) for creating Crater Moon. This big beaded bead made of bugle beads was my inspiration for making another shapes.

* TOHO Bugle Beads
* TOHO Round Seed Beads size 11 and 15



 Crater Moon (design Gwen Fisher) and Crater Asteroid - size comparison

Another versions of the same shape:
* Susan Goldstine - beaded with seed beads, second version here
* Gwen Fisher - beaded with seed beads and bugle beads

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