sobota 23. dubna 2016

Water Lily Tutorial

Tutorial for Water Lily 3 in 1 is available in my etsy shop at last

It is dedicated to Diane Fitzgerald - thank you for pushing me :-)

Diane was in our bead shop in person and obtained this pattern and finished pendant 

There are 18 pages written in English with easy to follow step by step instructions 
and more than 80 close-up photos.
Pattern Water Lily pendant 3 in 1 includes instructions how to make flowers in three sizes.
It is quite complicated and not suitable for beginners. 

sobota 2. dubna 2016

Playing with Itty-Bitty Beaded Beads

Itty-Bitty are tiny beaded beads made from Miniudo, pressed round beads and seed beads.
They can be made in many variations - using 4, 6 (or more) Miniduos on one side. 
They are quick to make and effective, may be used to make earrings, 
bracelets, necklaces - whatever you want...

Rusty Itty-Bitty Necklace 

Itty-Bitty Earrings
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