středa 3. října 2018

Anubis Necklace

Based on older Anubis Beaded Bead design 
with two hole Matubo Rulla and Superduo Beads.

* Superduo or pressed Twin --- in our Etsy Shop
* Rulla Beeads --- in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO or  Preciosa Seed Beads
* Matubo beads --- Matubo Beads in our Etsy Shop


 Brigid is a Celtic (pre-Christian Ireland) goddess of fire (the forge and the hearth, smithcraft), 
poetry, healing, childbirth, and unity. She is associated with the spring season.

Brigid of Ireland (Saint Brigid of Kildare)
is one of Ireland's patron saints

* TOHO or Miyuki Bugle Beads
* Preciosa Candy --- in our Etsy Shop
* Matubo beads size 8 - in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO Round Seed Beads size 11 and 15

Gwendoline Beaded Bead

Gwendoline is a Cornerless Cube made with 
CzechMates Crescent a Matubo Nib-Bit two hole beads. 
Designed October 2017 for Starman Inc.


* TOHO round Seed Beads
* Matubo beads sizes 7 and 8 - in our Etsy Shop
* Czech pressed Round Beads - in our Etsy Shop
* CzechMates Crescent - in our Etsy Shop 
* Matubo Nib-Bit - in our Etsy Shop

Gothic Archways Beaded Bead

 Designed for PRECIOSA ORNELA a.s. with new two hole Bow beads


* Preciosa BOW - in our Etsy Shop
* Mačkané kuličky - Round pressed beads  in our Etsy Shop
* Pohanka - Pinch Beads in our Etsy Shop
* Matubo beads size 8 - in our Etsy Shop
* Preciosa and TOHO seed beads

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