pondělí 30. ledna 2017

Playing with Starry Berry Beaded Beads

New jewelry made with Starry Berry Beaded Beads

Black and Silver Starry Berry - set of elegant earrings and necklace

  Another type of Starry Berry necklace

Joining beaded beads to make a chain (for bracelet, necklace)

Kheops par Puca beads available NaSpirale and in our  Etsy Shop


středa 25. ledna 2017


This set of beaded beads was designed for Starman Inc. September 2015

* Matubo beads --- Matubo Beads in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO Seed Beads

Beaded Bead set - Big Rondelle, Cube Bead and small rondelles

pondělí 23. ledna 2017

Gekko Zuzana Beaded Bead

 Embellished version of my Zuzana Beaded Bead
with new Gekko Beads

Pattern for basic beaded bead is free

* Pohanka --- Pinch Beads in our Etsy Shop
* Gekko Beads --- in our Etsy Shop
* RIZO beads --- in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO or  Preciosa Seed Beads size 11
* Preciosa Charlote or seed beads size 15 or TOHO seed beads size 15

Gekko Beads are tiny (3x5 mm), this beaded bead is not too big (about 35 mm in diameter).

čtvrtek 5. ledna 2017

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