neděle 7. února 2016

Adéla Beaded Bead

Inspirováno nesmrtelnou komedií Adéla eště nevečeřela

 Designed September 2015 for Starman Inc.

* CzechMates Crescent - in our Etsy Shop
* QuadraTile - in our Etsy shop
* Superduo or Preciosa Pressed Twin --- in our Etsy Shop 
* Czech pressed Round Beads - in our Etsy Shop
* Matubo beads --- Matubo Beads in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO Seed Beads

April 23 - May 11, 2016

January 31 through February 5 at the DoubleTree Tucson Reid Park.

2 komentáře:

  1. Great design!!!!!! Do you sell your patterns?

    1. Thank you for your comment, I´m glad you like my designs. Yes, I am selling patterns, my etsy shop is visible in my blog (on the right side).
      For this beaded bead pattern was not finished yet, I have another beaded bead pattern in my shop


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