úterý 18. srpna 2015

Kheops Flower Beaded Bead - FORGET-ME-NOT

Kheops par Puca ---in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO or  Preciosa Seed Beads
* Matubo beads --- Matubo Beads in our Etsy Shop
* Superduo --- in our Etsy Shop

Tuto kuličku ušila Lenka Cikhartová  - No.8

Colors used for FORGET-ME-NOT (blue and brown with yellow color combo):
* Kheops - Pastel Aqua 
* Superduo - Silky Metallic Grey Rainbow
* Matubo 7 - Opaque Dark Turquoise White Luster
* Matubo 8 - Chalk Safari - you can use also other similar colors, but it is better to have a little different colors for size 7 and 8 for beaded base. It is easier if you are making my beaded base first time - after you have some experience, you can make it all from the same Matubo bead colors in both sizes
* TOHO TR-11-23BF Silver-Lined Frosted Dark Aquamarine - for the top of petals (you can use Miyuki or other brands in the same size of course)
* TOHO TR-11-148F Ceylon Frosted Peach Cobler - for the flower middle (you can use Miyuki or other brands in the same size)
* TOHO TR-11-83F Frosted Metallic Iris Brown - for the base of superduo bridges (you can use Miyuki or other brands in the same size)
* TOHO TR-15-613 Matte Color Iris Gray (you can use Miyuki size 15)

Kheops par Puca beads available NaSpirale and in our  Etsy Shop


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