pondělí 26. ledna 2015

Vintage Lotus Beaded Bead

Flower to you


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4 komentáře:

  1. Do you sell tutorials of your projects? Many of them are just awsome but without the instruction it's too difficult to make them. Best wishes:)

    1. Betka, thank you for your comment, I didn´t saw it before... Today i was answering one coment for this beaded bead and i see yours - I am sorry, no tutorial available, I have a bead shop, it takes much time... I have small etsy shop with tutorials (you can see the link on the right side column here, in my blog). beading is my passion and I am designing for two bead wholesale companies (Preciosa Ornela and Starman Inc.) and besides of creating designs for them, I need to create something new, what I want to create to be happy... I love to platy with new bead shapes and with my bead shop and family I have not enough time to write instructions for these big beaded beads (they are quite complicated and one tutorial takes too much time to finish it with all instructions, pictures, schemes)

  2. I see this one of your older designs, is it available as a tutorial?

    1. no, I am sorry, no tutorial available, there was one class in Prague for this beaded bead in previous year, I have too many beaded beads and no time to write tutorials :-(


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