čtvrtek 19. prosince 2019

Spiky Lucy Beaded Bead

Spiky Lucy Beaded Bead was named by one of my students,
who was asking me more times to design a new spiky beaded bead :-)

Designed May 2019 for Rutkovsky Beads with their Spike Beads.

Beaded by Pavlína Vopeláková

Beaded by Helena  Hrabětová

Beaded by Lucie Majerová

  Beaded by Helena Fuchsová

   Beaded by Helena Hrabětová

* Spike Beads two sizes - 13x5 mm and 17x7 mm --- in our Etsy Shop
* Preciosa Rola Beads - in our Etsy Shop.
* Matubo beads - in our Etsy Shop
* Seed Beads by TOHO

 One of my biggest, beaded bead diameter is about 6,6 cm.


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