pondělí 16. července 2018

Crater Asteroid with Bugle Beads

Meet Crater Asteroid made with Bugle beads and seed beads.
Crater Asteroid is a beaded truncated cuboctahedron (started as rhombicubooctahedron).
Many thanks to Gwen Fisher (Bead Infinitum) for creating Crater Moon.

* TOHO Bugle Beads

* TOHO Round Seed Beads size 11 and 15



 Crater Moon (design Gwen Fisher) and Crater Asteroid - size comparison

Another versions of the same shape:
* Susan Goldstine - beaded with seed beads, second version here
* Gwen Fisher - beaded with seed beads and bugle beads

středa 30. května 2018

Cassiopeia Beaded Bead

Designed April 2018 for Starman Inc.
with TOHO Demi Round Beads (all 3 sizes used)

* TOHO Demi - all 3 sizes
* TOHO round Seed Beads
* Matubo beads sizes 7 and 8 - in our Etsy Shop

 Beaded bead diameter is about 42 mm

středa 9. května 2018

neděle 6. května 2018

Bargello Rondelle in red

Bargello Rondelle in 3 sizes - Lava Red and Hematite color combo 


* IrisDuo Two hole beads
* CzechMates Crescent - in our Etsy Shop 
* TOHO seed beads or Preciosa Seed Beads
 To be honest, this is an arrangement only
to show, how they can be used, not a real necklace :-) 

sobota 5. května 2018

Bargello Rondelle - work in progress

Bargello Rondelle - work in progress

Bigger version with 8+8 IrisDuo beads (would be great as a pendant) 
+ fixing the stability of 6-membered rondelle

pátek 4. května 2018

pondělí 2. dubna 2018

Carlina in teal

Carlina stud earrings in teal and metallic brown color - based on my previous design.

* DropDuo - in our Etsy Shop
* TOHO Bugle Beads and Seed Beads
* Matubo beads - in our Etsy Shop
* Glass Cabochons 

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